Pool Bridge Farm

Pool bridge farm offers open water swimming in two (soon to be three) lakes, M lake and Monet lake. Pricing is reasonable at £7 per swim or £35 for a monthly pass. This is a little more expensive to the other local swimming location Allerthorpe which is £6 non member and £4 member swim. However, Pool Bridges opening hours much better as the £7 is for the day and it’s open 07:30-dusk, 7 days a week.

Getting there

It’s located just south east of York near designer outlet

Getting around

There is parking close to the lakes and toilets just near the parking area. It can be a little confusing if you go alone finding where to go as it is unmanned and if no one else is around so please see attached map. As the Lakes are unmanned, please be safe and swim at your own risk.

Entrance to Lakes

Monet Lake

Monet Lake is a long and thin lake which has a roughly 400 m circuit with entrances and exits at many points so you can get out at any point you feel tired. The water is pretty shallow at some points which I did find inconvenient. I could find no indication of swim direction and encountered people going both clockwise and anti clockwise. The lake seems to be very relaxed and has a definite community/social feel if that’s the kind of thing you’re looking for. There are plants and other aquatic vegetation in the water, which may be a consideration for some swimmers.

M Lake

Haven’t swam here, I’ll give it a whirl next time!

Q Lake (In progress?)

From the map, this looks pretty big, exciting to see how this progresses.


Other than swimming the location also has a Sauna available to hire on their website which is also where you can book swimming sessions. There is also a café on site if you want to grab a bite. The owner also has a facebook group with an amusing weekly newsletter and seems happy to answer questions etc.